Time Warner Cable, Samsung in Agreement for tru2way Set-Top Development, Purchase and Deployment

The US's second-largest cable operator, Time Warner Cable, and consumer electronics giant, Samsung, announced Monday that they have signed a "letter of commitment" for the continued development, purchase and deployment of Samsung tru2way-enabled set-top boxes, including the MSO's first second-source DVR. "We look to offer our customers advanced set-top boxes with features that are simple and easy to use," Mike Hayashi, Time Warner Cable's EVP of advanced engineering, said in a prepared statement. "We have been a leader in the roll-out of tru2way devices and we are continuing to grow our relationship with Samsung, a CE company dedicated to the development of new equipment meeting the necessary standards and offering attractive feature sets." Added Thomas Rhee, Samsung's SVP of new business development: "We are thrilled to have worked closely with Time Warner Cable to launch tru2way on our family of cable set-tops including the SMT-H3090 and SMT-H3270 high-definition DVR's. As in Korea, we look forward to the expansion of tru2way in North America."

Time Warner Cable claims to have deployed over 2 million tru2way-enabled set-top boxes to date, of which approximately 400,000 are Samsung boxes. It also says it recently signed an MOU with Samsung that calls on the companies to collaborate on the development of better home networking solutions for entertainment.

Last week, Time Warner Cable--along with Comcast and Cox--conceded that it would not (as promised in a supposedly binding MOU with Samsung and various other consumer electronics/hardware manufacturers that was announced last spring, and that, among other things, calls for its MSO signatories to ensure that tru2way middleware is in 20% of new set-tops they purchase after July 1st, 2009) have tru2way technology deployed across its entire service footprint by July 1st (see article posted on itvt.com, July 1st). However, in addition to pointing out that it had now deployed over 2 million tru2way set-tops, the MSO promised that it was "close" to beginning tru2way trials.

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