Interactive Video Company, Veeple, in Distribution Agreement with TubeMogul

Veeple, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based company that specializes in interactive online video solutions for marketers (note: for an in-depth overview of the company's products and strategy, see the interview with its co-founder and CEO, Scott Broomfield, that was published on, April 22nd), said Tuesday that it has signed an agreement with online video distribution platform, TubeMogul (note: the company also recently signed a deal with BitGravity--see article posted on, June 25th). According to the company, the agreement will allow Veeple customers to use TubeMogul's signature "Load and Track" service, which is billed as allowing users to upload videos once and then automatically deploy them with as many of the top video-sharing sites as they want, within those users' specified accounts. Veeple and TubeMogul say that they expect to deliver this capability by the end of the month. "Veeple is all about enhancing, engaging and measuring online video campaigns," Veeple CEO, Broomfield, said in a prepared statement. "Our customers expect not only simplicity in our service but also a platform that quickly evolves with their needs. As we evolved the Veeple service we knew that syndication was a top priority for our customers who are increasingly adding online video to their marketing mix." Added TubeMogul co-founder and CEO, Brett Wilson: "Veeple understands the needs of today's marketer who is responsible for telling a compelling story while building a well-respected brand through the powerful tool of online video. TubeMogul is pleased to enhance Veeple's service offering through the ability to help increase the distribution of the interactive videos that Veeple's customers are creating."

[itvt] contacted Veeple CEO, Broomfield, for more details on his company's partnership with TubeMogul. He emailed us the following bullet points: "1) Veeple will use TubeMogul's 'InPlay' API as part of our player. This will allow our interactive stats to be passed to the TubeMogul platform. 2) TubeMogul will pass back to us certain site-related stats as related to third-party sites where the videos have been syndicated. 3) We will add a syndication button in the deployment section of our platform so the customer experience is a good one. 4) There will be a small, $25-per-month charge for the additional syndication service feature (TubeMogul and Veeple to split). 5) TubeMogul, under certain conditions, will recommend the Veeple platform to a portion of their customer base (no volume commitment). 6) TubeMogul will support Veeple and at least two other OVP's that they may recommend to their customers. 7) The interactivity will work only when a syndicated site allows embed codes and certain metadata (maybe more later)." (Note: Veeple has also issued an interactive video news release on the TubeMogul partnership. The video is available below.)

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