New Interviews with Google TV Ads' Keval Desai and ThinkAnalytics' Eddie Young and Pete Docherty

--Plus BIAP's Chief Product Officer, Ellen Dudar, on Interactive TV Standards and HDTV

[itvt] has just published audio interviews with Keval Desai, director of product management at Google and head of the company's Google TV Ads operation; and with Eddie Young and Pete Docherty, CEO and CTO respectively of ThinkAnalytics.

Desai provides an in-depth overview of Google's ongoing efforts in the TV advertising space. Topics discussed include why Google decided to move into TV advertising; the company's deployment with DISH Network and its plans for targeting the US cable space; how the company views such initiatives and standardization efforts as Canoe, EBIF and tru2way; how the company's platform works with YouTube; and more.

Young and Dougherty, meanwhile, provide an overview of ThinkAnalytics and explain how the company's data mining technology and expertise is now being used to generate programming recommendations.

In addition, in Rick Howe's column, The iTV Doctor Is In, Ellen Dudar, chief product officer of interactive TV software provider, BIAP, discusses the relationship between interactive TV standards and HDTV.

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