Integra5 Changes its Name to MediaFriends

--Says Change Reflects Emphasis on Extending Social Media and SMS across TV's, PC's and Mobiles

Integra5, a Massachusetts-based company that specializes in technologies for converged services, said Monday that it is changing its name to MediaFriends, which is also the brand of a suite of social media applications that it launched last summer (note: for more on the MediaFriends application suite, see the article published on, September 29th 2008; as well as the audio interview with Integra5/MediaFriends president and CEO, Meredith Flynn-Ripley, located at According to the company, the new name "builds on [its] existing leadership in converged communications services and highlights its expanded focus of taking social media beyond the PC and SMS beyond the mobile phone--to deliver new applications that combine communications and community across TV's, PC's and mobile phones."

In its press materials announcing its name change, Integra5/MediaFriends provided the following explanation of the change and of the emerging market that its social media products address: "The media landscape is rapidly evolving, with the proliferation of social networking and SMS and consumers' increasing desire to communicate and access their personal communities wherever they are and on any device," the materials explained. "Based on its extensive experience deploying converged multi-device services like TV, PC and landline-to-mobile caller-ID with more than 40 operators across seven countries, MediaFriends is now helping video and mobile operators capitalize on these emerging behaviors by combining users' private community groups and SMS texting capabilities into new applications that span TV's, PC's and mobile phones--generating new revenue streams and keeping consumers connected to their friends and in control of their communications experience." Said Integra5/MediaFriends president and CEO, Meredith Flynn-Ripley: "Consumers are communicating differently today and have expectations that, no matter where they are or what device they are using, the experience will be seamless and real-time. MediaFriends is about empowering video and mobile operators to generate new forms of revenue by putting users at the center of their communities of friends, content and communications and making them accessible across different networks and devices."

Integra5/MediaFriends offers two MediaFriends application suites: MediaFriends Chat and MediaFriends Device-2-Device (D2D). The former is billed as providing operators and programmers with a way to differentiate programming and keep users engaged by allowing those users to participate in real-time, SMS-based chat sessions with their own private communities on their TV, PC or mobile. The latter is billed as offering new revenue streams for mobile operators through the creation of more SMS endpoints, allowing users to engage in easy, two-way SMS texting between their mobile phone and a PC or any other IP-enabled device.

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