Avail, TVN Complete Merger, Become Avail-TVN

Video-on-demand distribution services provider, TVN Entertainment, and Avail Media, a company that provides managed content aggregation services primarily to smaller IPTV operators (note: it offers an extensive line-up of linear TV channels, encoded in MPEG-4, as well as a companion VOD service), announced Tuesday that they have completed their previously announced merger and rebranded as Avail-TVN (note: for more details on the merger, which was financed by Columbia Capital, the NRTC, Novak Biddle Venture Partners, Pioneer Ventures and Valhalla Partners, and which, among other things, sees Avail CEO, Ramu Potarazu, becoming CEO of the new company, and TVN president and CEO, Doug Sylvester, becoming president of the new company's TVN division, see the article published on itvt.com, May 19th).

The new Avail-TVN is billed as enabling the distribution and monetization of linear and on-demand content to over 120 million consumers through more than 230, cable, telco, DBS and hybrid providers, and as providing programming from movie studios, cable networks, independent content producers, national broadcasters, and providers of localized, genre-specific, ethnic/international and long-tail content. "Today, Avail-TVN becomes the largest independent provider of end-to-end content aggregation, management and distribution offerings," CEO Potarazu said in a prepared statement. "This merger is changing the game for content owners and service providers, who are looking to partner with the most knowledgeable and proven providers of digital media services. With our combined product and service portfolio, we are able to deliver the most attractive and profitable video services today, as well as the foundation to extend these services to new devices and networks tomorrow."

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