New Interview with BBC Red Button Chief, John Denton

--Plus iCueTV Founder and President, Michael Huegel, Explains Interactive TV Commerce

[itvt] has just published an in-depth audio interview with the BBC's managing editor of TV platforms, John Denton, the executive who leads the team responsible for the BBC's highly popular (an average of around 11 million viewers access it each week) Red Button interactive TV service.

Topics discussed include red-button interactive TV projects that Denton and his team are currently working on; which kinds of red-button interactive TV applications and programming have proved most popular with viewers; usage figures for the BBC Red Button service; new efforts to ramp up the marketing of the service; methods and procedures that the BBC Red Button team has developed in order to make the application-creation process more efficient; how the BBC Red Button team is working to adapt the service to take advantage of the increasing popularity of broadband-connected televisions and set-tops, and to address the fact that the TV universe is becoming increasingly multiplatform; and much, much more.

In addition, in Rick Howe's column, The iTV Doctor Is In!, Michael Huegel, founder and president of iCueTV, explains how broadcasters can monetize their programming easily and cost-effectively through interactive TV commerce, otherwise known as tcommerce.