Broadcom Bluetooth Technology Integrated into New Line of LG Electronics TV Sets

--Says Will Enable Mobiles to Serve as Keyboard Input Devices for TV Widgets, Tcommerce

Semiconductor company, Broadcom, announced Monday that LG Electronics has integrated its Bluetooth technology into its new LH70 line of digital television sets (which are now shipping), thus allowing consumers to connect those sets to devices such as wireless stereo headphones and--more interestingly--mobile phones. According to Broadcom, its Bluetooth technology will allow the new LG TV sets to act as wireless docking stations for MP3-enabled mobile phones and portable media players, thus enabling music and other audio to play over TV speaker systems. In January, Broadcom announced a deal to integrate its Bluetooth technology with TV sets from Sharp.

Broadcom also says that the technology will allow users to wirelessly transfer digital photos and other graphic files from Bluetooth-enabled camera phones to the LG TV sets for viewing and sharing. In addition, it claims, the technology positions the mobile phone for future applications such as functioning as a TV remote control or as a QWERTY keyboard input device for TV widgets and tcommerce applications. "The increasing adoption of Broadcom Bluetooth technology into digital televisions and other consumer electronics devices is driving an emerging connectivity ecosystem, allowing existing products with Bluetooth connectivity like cell phones and wireless headsets to play new roles," Craig Ochikubo, VP and general manager of Broadcom's Wireless Personal Area Networking line of business, said in a prepared statement. "Broadcom is helping to drive this trend and we look forward to our continued collaboration with LGE to transform consumer interaction with these devices."

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