Expands Distribution, Launches New Dashboard, Offers New Tracking, Monetization Options

--New Partners Include YouTube, Vimeo, NBC Local Media NY, Roku, TubeMogul, FreeWheel, a broadband video company that claims to offer over 38,000 original Web shows which collectively reach over 22 million viewers and generate 72 million video views per month, announced Tuesday that it has expanded its distribution capabilities, formed new partnerships to monetize its content and track advertising and viewership across its distribution network, and redesigned the dashboard that it offers to its content providers so that the latter can now reach viewers across the Web and TV with a single upload.'s new distribution partners are YouTube, Vimeo, NBC Local Media New York and Roku. The company says that the partnership with YouTube will allow its show creators to send episodes directly from to their YouTube account: can traffic advertisements on shows syndicated to YouTube, the company says, with a revenue share back to the shows' creators. "Our mission is to provide services of scale to the most talented independent show creators," co-founder and CEO, Mike Hudack, said in a prepared statement. "The services we offer, which range from distribution and business development to technology and ad sales, are essential tools for any independent show creator. We believe that we're building the next-generation television network. This is what a TV network looks like when it's created in 2005 instead of 1945."'s partnership with Roku, meanwhile, will allow users of the latter's flagship over-the-top-TV device to watch shows on their living-room television set, alongside content from such Roku partners as Netflix and Amazon VOD: the company says that a dedicated channel will launch on the Roku digital media player this fall. Finally,'s partnership with NBC Local Media New York and local NBC affiliate, WNBC, will see shows airing on NBC's new NY NonStop digital broadcast channel in New York City. "It's helpful to us that manages relationships with so many of the best original show producers on the Web," NBC Local Media New York's VP of content and audience development, Vickie Burns, said in a prepared statement. "NBC Local Media New York is excited about the opportunity to broadcast content on our new digital TV channel, New York NonStop. It's a unique opportunity to provide independent producers unparalleled access to a distinct television platform and audience." In addition to the new distribution partners announced Tuesday, also distributes its content to iTunes, AOL Video, MSN Video, Blinkx, Facebook, Twitter, Sony Bravia TV sets (via the Bravia Internet Video Link), TiVo (note: the company says that its new dashboard will enable show creators to syndicate shows to TiVo "with just one click"), Verizon FiOS VOD, iPhones and the Internet Archive. The company says that around 95% of its video views are through its distribution partners.

According to, its new dashboard allows show creators to batch-edit and re-order episodes; reply to comments and friend requests from different Web sites directly from the dashboard; track video and advertising views; and see, in near-real time, how much revenue their shows generate across every distribution channel in's network. The company says that, via a partnership with TubeMogul, the new dashboard enables show creators to track viewership of their shows second-by-second: it bills this ability for show creators to detect exactly if and when they lose viewers during their shows as allowing those creators to "engage in a program of constant improvement" in order to maximize engagement with each video. "We're excited that TubeMogul InPlay audience and engagement data will be available to show creators within the dashboard," TubeMogul CEO, Brett Wilson, said in a prepared statement. "This is an important step towards bringing objective measurability to the creative process while maintaining the art of Web show creation." has also signed a new deal with FreeWheel, which it says will allow it to "seamlessly" serve advertising across nearly its entire distribution network, and easily enable its distribution partners to participate in monetizing content: advertising is optional for shows, and the company claims to share all advertising revenue 50/50 with show creators. " has led the way in building a platform that reflects the syndicated reality of Web video," FreeWheel co-CEO, Doug Knopper, said in a prepared statement. "We built FreeWheel for businesses like Blip's, and we're thrilled to be working together." says that it is making the new dashboard immediately available to 100 of its top show creators, and that it will offer it to additional show creators over the next few months.

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