Visible World, Google TV Ads in Targeted Advertising Partnership

New York-based targeted advertising specialist, Visible World (backers include Comcast Interactive Capital, Time Warner, Viacom and WPP) and Google TV Ads (offers an automated, auction-based system for buying advertising) announced Tuesday that they have formed a "working relationship" to deliver advanced TV advertising solutions. According to the companies, advertisers using the Google TV Ads platform (note: those advertisers include Priceline, Lenovo, and Jenny Craig) will now be able to dynamically customize and target their TV ads easily and efficiently through Visible World's automated system.

The companies say that the partnership will enable advertisers to use Google TV Ads with Visible World's automated message-optimization engine in order to deliver the most relevant messages to the target audience. This, the companies claim, will allow advertisers to get the most from their existing creative, while providing differentiation based on program, time and context to drive and measure audience response. According to the companies, for the first time advertisers will be able to automate multiple creative messages featuring a variety of offers, products and search terms based on the target audience, context differences and media performance data provided by new online and set-top box metrics. "Visible World's services will help advertisers continue to get great value from Google TV Ads," Mike Steib, Google's director of TV Ads, said in a prepared statement. "We're excited to work with Visible World so that our advertisers can place even better and more customized ads." Added Visible World president, Tara Walpert Levy: "Google TV Ads is bringing a new level of innovation to television and the media buying process. Given our mutual commitment to targeting, flexibility, accountabil¬ity and measurability, we are thrilled to be partnering with them. Advertisers can now create, target, and optimize relevant ads that will generate improved marketing results on Google TV Ads and will also uncover insights that can be applied to the rest of the media plan."

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Google TV Ads and Visible World agreed to collaborate at the request of Lenovo, a mutual client, and other advertisers. The newspaper reported that the deal between the companies will see Google TV Ads paying Visible World for its technology, which lets advertisers adjust their ads for specific audience segments by changing such elements as graphics, music and script, and which also lets them swap out ads on the fly (note: Visible World offers demo videos of its technology at:

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