NBC's ChuckMeOut.com Offers "Chuck" Fans Range of Video, Interactive and Social Features

--Site Designed to Maintain Interest in Show During its Hiatus

Broadcast network, NBC, has launched a Web site--ChuckMeOut.com--with a range of broadband video, and interactive and social enhancements to maintain interest in its comedy show, "Chuck," during its hiatus (note: the show, which was renewed for a third season after a two-month "Save Chuck" campaign organized by its fans, is set to return to the air following the 2010 Winter Olympics). The new site and its various multimedia and social features are representative of a long-established NBC strategy called TV 360 that has seen the broadcaster supplementing many of its programs with interactive and multiplatform elements (note: for more on the strategy, see [itvt]'s interview with NBC Universal's Jonathan Dakss, in Issue 6.71, and the articles on "The Office" and "The Jay Leno Show" published on itvt.com, July 15th and July 23rd respectively).

Offerings on the new site include blogs from the show's set, news updates, original Webisodes, links to full episodes of the show, a range of "Chuck"-related games and challenges (including a challenge to the show's fans to bring its online viewership of full episodes to over a million streams--as [itvt] went to press, around 95,600 streams had been generated), message boards, and an app that aggregates tweets from the show's cast and other interested parties. "We have the best fans in the world," Chris Fedak, the show's co-creator and executive producer, said in a prepared statement. "Their support has such passion and creativity, and we were looking for a way to say thanks. ChuckMeOut.com also allows the show to interact directly with the blogosphere, so we can share our excitement about the upcoming season."

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