ABC Launches Twitter-Driven Interactive Mystery for "Castle" During Show's Hiatus

--Show's Lead Character to Interact with Fans via Twitter and Facebook

US broadcast network, ABC, has developed a Twitter-based interactive mystery to maintain viewer interest in its comedy-drama series, "Castle," while the show is on hiatus (note: the show's second season premieres September 21st). The mystery's premise is explained by ABC as follows: "It's summertime, and New York City is hot and humid. With his deadline closing in, [the show's central character] famous crime-mystery novelist, Richard Castle, is working to finish his Nikki Heat novel, 'Heat Wave.' The city offers a wealth of distractions for a procrastinating author, and since his 15-year-old daughter, Alexis, introduced him to Twitter, Castle has become addicted. Castle and Alexis take off for their house in the Hamptons, and what starts as a respite for Castle turns into yet another mystery for him to help solve. And this time, he tweets his theories to his followers. It all begins when a foot without a body washes up on the beach. Local law enforcement thinks it's an accident, a shark attack, but Castle's certain there's more to it than that and twitters his theories to his many fans. Much to the chagrin of the local police, Castle puts himself into the middle of the investigation. The game's afoot!"

ABC has set up a Twitter account for Richard Castle (@WriteRCastle, [itvt] went to press the account had around 6,369 followers), through which the character will tweet out the mystery's latest developments. The broadcaster says that, for the next six weeks, fans are invited to "give Castle advice, eavesdrop on his affairs and his family, and help him solve his summer mystery" by sending messages to him via his Twitter account or a Facebook page that it has set up for him (the broadcaster says that the Facebook page will also allow fans to see how the character "spends his time away from the precinct").

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