Sonic Solutions Unveils CineVision Adaptive HD to Enable Blu-ray-Quality HDTV Over-the-Top

--Will Initially Be Employed to Deliver 1080p HD on Roxio CinemaNow Broadband VOD Service

Sonic Solutions, the digital media company that last year acquired the pioneering broadband VOD service, CinemaNow (it subsequently added "Roxio" to the service's name in order to make its branding consistent with its other products), announced Wednesday that it has developed a solution called CineVision Adaptive HD, which it bills as a "next-generation encoding, multiplexing, streaming and decoding system designed specifically to deliver the highest quality HD video possible to Internet-connected CE devices."

According to the company, the solution leverages 1) its CineVision HD encoding system, which is currently used for Blu-ray title production, and 2) Widevine's expertise in adaptive streaming (note: Sonic and Widevine also recently announced that they are partnering to enable delivery of CinemaNow titles on USB flash memory drives--see article published on, July 28th). The company claims that the solution enables premium content--including 3D content--to be encoded to Blu-ray Disc resolution at 1080p, while still enabling automatic broadband scalability to ensure buffer-free playback. It says the solution will be deployed to bring 1080p HD content to Roxio CinemaNow (which currently offers only 720p resolution), and will also be offered as an option for its CineVision Master Encoding system, in order to enable high-end compression facilities to maximize the quality of their streaming video content. "Consumers not only want instant access to new Hollywood hit movies on their connected TV's and Blu-ray players, they want it in HD," Mark Ely, Sonic's EVP of strategy, said in a prepared statement. "In collaboration with Widevine, we've been able to enhance our world-class CineVision encoding system to prepare content for pristine viewing on the coming wave of connected CE devices--without requiring CE manufacturers to put costly hard drives in their products." Added Widevine CEO, Brian Baker: "At Widevine, our approach has been twofold--ensure content is delivered securely, and ensure that it is delivered at the highest quality. By taking advantage of Sonic's long history of building world-class encoding systems, we've been able to further enhance the quality of our content preparation technology. We look forward to working with Sonic to deploy the CineVision Adaptive HD technology."

Sonic bills CineVision Adaptive HD as the world's first encoding solution to combine the compression parameters mandated by video mastering engineers with the multi-bandwidth encoding, multiplexing and formatting required to ensure seamless delivery of HD streams to connected CE devices. The company claims that the solution can take advantage of multiple processors in multi-CPU encoding farm settings, allowing it to be scaled to enable the level of high-volume content preparation required for next-day TV releases and back-catalog conversion.

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