Verizon Updates its Recently Launched Twitter and Facebook Interactive TV Widgets

--Apps Now Allow Users to Post Their Own Updates

In a posting on the company's Verizon At Home blog, Friday, Verizon's SVP of media relations, Eric Rabe, announced that the company has added some new features to the Facebook and Twitter interactive TV widgets that it launched on its FiOS TV platform just last month (note: for more on the new widgets and on Verizon's new Widget Bazaar applications store, see the article published on, July 15th).

At launch, the Twitter widget was billed as allowing FiOS TV customers to follow tweets related specifically to the program, select from a list of top Twitter topics, so that they can view tweets on those topics; search for specific tweets; and create and save a favorite topics list. However, it did not allow them to send tweets directly from the TV. The new version of the widget allows them to do exactly that, using the FiOS TV remote and an onscreen keyboard.

The Facebook widget, meanwhile, at launch allowed FiOS TV subscribers with Facebook accounts to use their remote control to log in, view their own photos, and view their friends' photos and status updates. It also updated their Facebook status with information on which shows they were watching, but did not allow them to compose their own Facebook status messages--a feature that is now supported by the new version of the widget. "Customers tell us they love the new 'social TV' Widgets, but they wanted more," Rabe wrote. "They want to send Tweets, not just look at them. They want to create their own unique Facebook status messages. One of the great things about FiOS TV is how easily the team here can upgrade and add features--features like these that cable hasn't even thought of."

Verizon has launched the new versions of its Twitter and Facebook widgets in New York City, and says that it will shortly roll them out in all its other markets.

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