Digeo Launches Moxi Mate, Enabling Multi-Room Functionality for its Moxi HD DVR

--Unveils New Moxi Features, Including Grid Guide Viewing Option, SDV, LaCie Drive Compatibility

Paul Allen-owned set-top box vendor, Digeo, on Tuesday launched the Moxi Mate, a companion thin-client device for its flagship Moxi HD DVR that provides the latter with multi-room capabilities. The company bills the new device as a "small, silent set-top box that connects with the Moxi HD DVR over the home network, so users can browse and play back recorded programs in other rooms." The device can also play media files from the home network or the Internet on any TV in the home, the company says (note: for more on the various over-the-top services available on the Moxi box, see the article published on itvt.com, April 9th), and provides easy access to all recorded content stored on the Moxi HD DVR "unlike competitors which require consumers to buy multiple DVR's and subscriptions for each device, and set up series recordings multiple times for their favorite shows." While the new device has a relatively high MSRP of $399, Digeo says it is offering a "limited-time special bundle" that will combine the device with a Moxi HD DVR (whose MSRP is $799) for $999; as well as a special program under which existing Moxi HD DVR customers will be able to purchase the device for $199. It also justifies the new device's price by pointing out that "the Moxi and Mate combination provides the only retail multi-room solution that doesn't require purchase of a second DVR," and that "flexible monthly payment options and zero percent financing support" mean that a Moxi HD DVR-Moxi Mate combo can be purchased for $49.95 per month for 20 months.

Digeo also announced various new features for the Moxi HD DVR Tuesday: The device--which offers 75 hours of HD recording capacity out of the box--is now compatible with the LaCie 4big Quadra six terabyte hard drive, allowing customers to record up to 1,000 hours of HD programming. In addition, free software updates that are being rolled out this week for new and existing Moxi HD DVR's will, the company says: 1) provide customers with the option of using a traditional "grid guide," that presents multiple channels and timeslots simultaneously, in addition to the widely praised Moxi menu program guide; 2) enable support for Switched Digital Video (SDV) in conjunction with an SDV tuning adapter that customers can get from their cable operator; and 3) enable the Moxi HD DVR to work with more types of media files.

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