NBC, NFL in Deal to Offer Silverlight-Powered Live, Interactive Streaming of Sunday Night Football

--NBC.com Promoting New Show, "Community," via In-Character Broadband Videos

NBC and the NFL announced Thursday that, for the second straight season, NBC will stream the 17-game Sunday Night Football schedule live on NBCSports.com and NFL.com. The coverage, which is the result of a new one-year deal between the broadcaster and the sports organization that will see them sharing the revenues from advertising that NBC sells around the coverage, will be comprised of NBC Sports' "Sunday Night Football" broadcast, enhanced with four additional camera angles and several other new interactive features, NBC says. According to the broadcaster, "Sunday Night Football Extra," as the online service is called, will employ a 720p "full HD-quality player" using Microsoft Silverlight and Smooth Streaming. The player will incorporate full DVR functionality, NBC says, allowing viewers to pause, scroll back-and-forth, and review plays in slow motion, all while watching live video. "Sunday Night Football Extra" will also feature expert analysis, including fantasy tips and "in-game chats answering questions and breaking down the big news of the day," NBC says, and will additionally incorporate "social networking and interactive chat from NBC Sports talent." It will actually premiere at 8:00PM on Thursday, September 10th, in conjunction with a game between the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In other NBC news: The broadcaster is attempting to build interest in the new Sony Pictures Television comedy, "Community" (premieres 9:30PM Eastern, September 17th), via a series of videos on NBC.com that are designed to introduce viewers to the show. In the so-called "Greendale Orientation Videos," which are based at the fictional Greendale Community College that is the setting for "Community," the college's dean of admissions, Pat Isakson (played by the show's creator/executive producer, Dan Harmon), welcomes potential students to the school by presenting "the straight A's of Greendale: Accessibility, Affordability, Air Conditioning, Awesome New Friends and A Lot of Classes." "These videos are a fun way to introduce people to the world of 'Community,'" Harmon said in a prepared statement, "And my acting in them is a convenient way to lower their expectations."

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