The FeedRoom Integrates with TubeMogul to Facilitate Viral Distribution of Broadband Video

Live broadband video and rich media asset management solutions provider, The FeedRoom, said Tuesday that it has formed a partnership with Tubemogul, a company that provides an analytics and syndication service for broadband video. According to the company, the partnership sees its FeedRoom 4.0 Enterprise Video Platform integrating TubeMogul functionality, which it says will enable its customers to significantly increase their audience reach through the automated, viral distribution of their video content to "dozens" of popular video-sharing sites; and will also allow them to gauge results through detailed, cross-site viewer tracking.

After videos are uploaded, The FeedRoom says, TubeMogul automatically deploys them to as many of the top video-sharing sites as the customer selects. TubeMogul's integrated analytics (available from then provide a single source of metrics in customizable reports that detail where, when and how often the videos are viewed. According to The FeedRoom, the viral video initiatives that the integration enables "can translate into broader reach with very little media cost." "In an era where every marketing dollar invested must produce value, it's more critical than ever to have a plan to maximize the reach and impact of your online video," David Burch, TubeMogul's director of marketing, said in a prepared statement. "Through integration with TubeMogul, FeedRoom customers can capitalize on the power of viral video sharing to reach larger audiences with controlled messages, increase search engine ranking and traffic, and easily measure the impact of these investments."

The FeedRoom bills FeedRoom 4.0, which is delivered via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, as a scalable video publishing system that integrates with existing content management platforms, social and mobile media distribution tools, network security standards, and commonly used Web analytics tools, and that provides "greater brand control" than consumer video-sharing sites. According to the company, it supports a range of customizable, lightweight video players and is designed for use with the FeedRoom Studio publishing interface. At the core of its enterprise video solution, The FeedRoom says, is a modular infrastructure stack built to industry standards, using "best-of-breed" technologies. "Our partner strategy leverages the extensible product architecture of FeedRoom 4.0 to deliver the most comprehensive and powerful solutions for marketing and corporate communications available today," David Pearce, The FeedRoom's VP of product, said in a prepared statement. "Customers, such as Intel Corporation, are becoming increasingly skilled at shepherding traffic to their site through an array of social media initiatives. Tools such as TubeMogul will make it easier for them to distribute, share and track videos originating from corporate video archives."

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