KlickableTV Unveils New Version of its Interactive Video Platform

--Enables Contextual Advertising within Video

New York-based interactive video specialist, KlickableTV (note: earlier this year, the company announced a strategic partnership with IMG Publishing, a division of the sports and entertainment company, IMG--see the article published on itvt.com, July 1st), last week unveiled the latest version of its Web-based interactive video software. According to the company, Beta 1.0, as the new version is called, includes a new API, several player plug-ins, and an integrated ad network.

KlickableTV says that the ad network serves contextually relevant ads within video, based on hotspot information provided by the publisher. According to the company, Rocawear recently used its technology to make Jay-Z's new video, "Death of Autotune" clickable. "Rocawear can now take advantage of KlickableTV's new ad network," KlickableTV co-founder and president, Roger Wu, said in a prepared statement. "Someone watching the 'DOA' video could click on Jay-Z's car, and an ad for the car would appear, providing a link for the viewer to the car manufacturer's Web site. This technology is particularly exciting for video producers who were previously limited in the way they could monetize their content."

According to KlickableTV, its software's functionality exists as an invisible layer that sits on top of any video player. This flexibility, it claims, allows publishers to use the technology on their own sites without having to change much of their existing infrastructure, and thus provides them with a new way to monetize their videos. The company says that its API layer can now be customized, and that new plug-ins have been added so that the layer is compatible with Brightcove, JW Player, FlowPlayer, YouTube and thePlatform.

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