News Round-Up

--TiVo Awarded $200 Million in "Time Warp" Case
--ABC Using Augmented Reality to Promote "FlashForward"
--Joost CTO, Jason Gaedtke, Joins Time Warner Cable
--Plus News from Fox, Tilgin/Amino, Deutsche Telekom

The [itvt] editorial team is currently traveling in the UK, and, because of time restraints, we are covering a number of this issue's news stories in round-up/summary form. We anticipate some additional interruption of our regular news publishing schedule in the coming days, so we apologize in advance for any inconvenience to our readers. Here is the round-up:

  • TiVo has been awarded nearly $200 million in contempt sanctions in the latest installment of its "Time Warp" patent case against DISH Network and EchoStar. It had been seeking nearly $1 billion. Reuters' report is available here; the AP's here.
  • Tilgin has announced interoperability of its VCM 5.6 device management software with Amino's IPTV set-top boxes.
  • In a posting on a corporate blog last week, Fox conceded that its September 3rd Twitter-enhanced re-run of the show, "Fringe" (see the article published on, August 31st) had met with an, at best, mixed response from viewers--simply because the tweets from the show's cast and viewers that appeared on the TV screen made it difficult to watch the show. "We've listened and have used these comments and suggestions to help us make a few adjustments to tonight's 'Glee' Tweet-peat special," the broadcaster wrote.
  • Broadcast network ABC is using augmented reality to promote its new thriller, "FlashForward." Print ads for "FlashForward" in Wired, Popular Mechanics and other technology-oriented publications contain codes which, when held up to a Web cam, unlock a 3D AR ad for the show. The 3D ad contains various photos which, when clicked, unlock clips from the show. Variety's report is available here.
  • Deutsche Telekom announced last week that its Microsoft Mediaroom-powered IPTV service, T-Home Entertain, now has 800,000 subscribers. The company also announced plans to offer more HD VOD content on the service, to launch a 320GB DVR for the service, and to extend availability of the service's Program Manager application to all T-Home Entertain customers.
  • Former Joost CTO, Jason Gaedtke, has joined Time Warner Cable as a group vice president, bringing significant amounts of Web TV experience to that company as it develops its TV Everywhere strategy. Cable Digital News's report is available here.


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