Accedo Broadband Launches App Store for IPTV

--Partners with TV Genius to Develop IPTV Apps

Accedo Broadband--a Stockholm-based aggregator and distributor of interactive TV applications and content for IPTV and broadband-connected consumer electronics devices (note: the company, which was founded by telecom and media entrepreneurs, Michael Lantz and Fredrik Andersson, offers a range of applications, but is best known for its games)--announced last week the launch of the Accedo App Store for IPTV. According to the company, the new App Store functionality allows viewers to access IPTV applications directly in the living room via the remote control. The store's user interface and branding can be completely customized, the company says, in order to reflect operator and broadcaster user interfaces. "We're very excited about the launch of the Accedo IPTV App Store," Accedo CEO, Michael Lantz, said in a prepared statement. "We believe that it is a great added value for consumers all over the world to get access to additional applications for their IPTV service. We already have a great selection of applications available for the App Store, ranging from games and information services to social media and video services. The App Store is designed to be a flexible and open marketplace and we are actively partnering with application providers over the world who want to reach into IPTV."

According to Accedo, the new App Store is available for integration with all major IPTV middlewares and platforms. It allows operators and broadcasters to make apps available to viewers free-of-charge, or on a transactional or subscription basis. The company says that the App Store makes full use of the features of the Accedo Application Provisioning Solution, including dynamic content rendering, statistics and usage history, application recommendations, promotional support, and Accedo EasyPay. Accedo plans to demo the new App Store, together with a selection of its applications, at the IBC show in Amsterdam later this week (IPTV Zone, Stand 621).

In other Accedo Broadband news: The company also announced last week that it is partnering with TV and video search specialist, TV Genius (whose customers include AOL, Sky and, to bring new IPTV applications to the market. By integrating functionality from TV Genius's search and recommendations engine with Accedo's IPTV application portfolio, the companies say, they plan to deliver a series of "next-generation" IPTV services. According to the companies, the first applications developed as a result of their partnership have already been commercially released for the Philips Net TV platform. "TV Genius's innovative platform, with an open Web-centric and multiplatform approach, enables us to enhance our portfolio of IPTV applications," Accedo's Lantz said in a prepared statement. "We're very excited to continue to lead application innovation together with TV Genius." Added TV Genius CEO, Tom Weiss: "Accedo's global presence, huge application portfolio and focus on IPTV make them our ideal partner for rolling out IPTV applications. The Philips Net TV project demonstrated how both companies can work together successfully to produce exciting platforms in IPTV and we look forward to a great partnership as we continue to develop new services for this expanding market." The companies plan to demo applications developed through their partnership in their booths in the IPTV Zone at IBC (621 and 623).