Visiware Making its Playin'TV Games Available on Internet-Connected TV Sets

Paris-based interactive TV games company, Visiware (note: the company claims that its games are available on 30 cable, satellite and IPTV platforms, including DISH Network, Bell TV, Wind, Videotron, Canalsat, TPS, Numericable, Sky Italia, UPC, Nova, Multichoice, Dish TV India, StarHub, True Visions, Austar, Foxtel and Sky New Zealand), announced Tuesday the launch of its Playin'TV games on Internet-connected television sets. The company says that it is now offering three of its ITV games--"Twin Match Ocean," "Solitaire Club" and "Tactic 2 Vitamin"--on Philips' 8000, 9000 and Cinema 21:9 TV sets free-of-charge in France and Germany through Philips' Net TV portal, and that it also plans to offer them through other manufacturers' connected TV sets.

The company says that the games are currently available in French, German, English and Dutch, and that it plans to eventually make them available on connected TV sets in additional international markets. According to Visiware, the games were developed in CE-HTML (HTML and JavaScript), and, thanks to the high resolution provided by Philips' Internet-connected TV sets, the company says, they will offer "improved game screens." "Launching our games on Internet-connected televisions enables Visiware to extend its presence on new platforms," Pascal-Hippolyte Besson, Visiware's SVP of technology and development, said in a prepared statement. "We are delighted to have Philips among our first partners, and to offer our games on their high-definition televisions: it is a way of combining the simplicity of Playin'TV games with the comfort brought by their HDTV sets. We are looking forward to partnering with other manufacturers and to continuing to deploy on other territories."