TAG Networks Launches New Version of its Interactive TV Games Platform

--Says Platform Now Supports 2,000 Concurrent Game Streams on a Single 1RU Server

TAG Networks--an interactive TV games company that has developed a games-on-demand service, called TAG, which it says integrates with existing VOD infrastructures (note: the company works closely with ActiveVideo Networks and is believed to be involved in the latter's deployment with Cablevision; it has also collaborated with ActiveVideo on deployments with Time Warner Cable)--said Tuesday that it is introducing a new version of its high-density game streaming platform. According to the company, the new version supports 2,000 concurrent MPEG game streams at 1.25Mbps, running on a single off-the-shelf 1RU dual quad-core server--which it says sets an industry record for streaming games density and scalability. The company says that its deployments utilize multiple 1RU servers working in concert to scale to very high levels of simultaneous streaming capacity.

Traditionally, TAG Networks says, streaming games technologies have only supported 30 or 50 sessions per server, making the whole proposition economically unattractive. The company says that its new high-density platform enables it to deploy a games-on-demand TV channel on a mass scale that not only makes for a compelling user experience but is also financially and operationally viable. "We're building a national TV network which features interactive games as its programming," TAG Networks founder and CEO, Sangita Verma, said in a prepared statement. "But in order to be successful, the underlying streaming technology needs to be highly scalable and easily deployable. Quite simply, no other company offers this kind of scale or level of functionality."

According to TAG Networks, its platform is specifically designed to meet operational concerns, including limitations of headend space, power, air conditioning and bandwidth. It also reduces environmental impact and running costs, the company says, while providing mass reach and ease-of-deployment to digital cable/IPTV households by seamlessly integrating into existing infrastructures. To date, the company has filed nine patents on its games platform. It says that its TAG games channel is currently deployed to hundreds of thousands of households throughout the US via digital cable, and that additional deployments and trials are slated to take place over the next 12 months. According to the company, the channel features branded and classic games in multiple genres, including puzzle, card, word, trivia, action, sports and children's games; and also offers rich community features and multi-device interaction.

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