Brightcove Launches Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5 Support via Limelight

Broadband video publishing solutions provider, Brightcove, announced Monday that it has rolled out broad support for Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5 through content delivery services provided by Limelight Networks. It says that Media Server 3.5 support will enable it to provide its 700 or so customers in 28 countries with turn-key access to enhanced dynamic delivery capabilities for HD-quality broadband video. The company says it has also introduced on-demand access to advanced security options for video stream encryption and SWF verification. "Organizations of all kinds today are faced with increasingly complex requirements around quality and security for online video publishing and distribution," Brightcove CTO, Bob Mason, said in a prepared statement. "In the past, publishers have been forced to choose between quality, security and a ubiquitous format for their online video experiences. With the Brightcove platform's support for Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5 on Limelight Networks' global infrastructure, we're providing organizations of all sizes with turn-key access to the most advanced stack of technologies and services for high-quality and secure video distribution on the Web."

Back in April, Brightcove and Adobe announced a strategic alliance that they said would see them collaborating on technologies and services that would enhance the quality of broadband video experiences and accelerate the development of content protection for rich media. Brightcove says that the launch of support for Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5 also "continues the longstanding alliance between Brightcove and Limelight Networks, while showcasing Limelight's commitment to deploying industry-leading services at global scale based on Adobe's products."

According to Brightcove, the broad reach of its platform among publishers and media outlets worldwide will accelerate the adoption of Flash Media Server 3.5, enabling organizations to deliver secure, "up to HD-quality," long-form content to consumers through standard Web browsers without the need for non-standard software plug-ins or proprietary technology stacks. The company says that, in rolling out Flash Media Server 3.5, its customers will be able to take advantage of cloud-based services for H.264 encoding, bandwidth optimization, dynamic streaming for multiple renditions, interactivity, pre-built services for live and on-demand streaming, and other capabilities. In addition, the company says, customers can also access on-demand content protection features to prevent abuse and ensure that content is easily and reliably delivered. According to the company, its platform enables customers to protect against video and stream-ripping using RTMPe encryption, and also lets them use the SWF verification features in Adobe Flash Media Server 3.5 to prevent video playback within unauthorized video players. "Rainbow Media has a network of Web sites with a fast-growing online audience, which poses challenges considering the diverse network conditions and connectivity issues," Rainbow Media's VP of product development, Michael Cagnazzi, said in a prepared statement. "Brightcove's support for Adobe FMS 3.5 will enable us take advantage of bandwidth detection and dynamic optimization of our video streams to ensure high-quality viewing experiences, all out-of-the-box and without having to introduce new workflows for our producers or software plug-ins for end-users."

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