Cablevision Launches Remote DVR Scheduling and Management Feature

New York-area MSO, Cablevision, announced last week that it has deployed a remote DVR scheduling and management feature across its entire service area, for customers who subscribe to both its DVR for iO TV and Optimum Online services. According to the company, the new feature, which is accessed via its consumer Web portal, allows customers to fully manage their home DVR's--including finding and recording shows and managing stored content--from any PC or Mac. "Whether our customers are at the office or away on vacation, the addition of remote DVR access offers the added convenience of setting and managing DVR's from any computer, and with the fall TV season coming up, it's a perfect time to introduce this enhancement," John Trierweiler, Cablevision's SVP of product management, said in a prepared statement. "Remote DVR access is a natural evolution of Cablevision's ongoing development of our triple play with integrated features that greatly enhance the value of the bundle for our customers."

In order to access the new remote DVR capability, customers must first log into using their Optimum ID and password, and then click on a new "DVR" tag located in the portal's "TV Listings" category. They are then directed to a "DVR Status" page where they can view the titles of previously recorded programs stored on their DVR, schedule new recordings, and search for programs they would like to record. When viewing programming in the TV Listings guide, Cablevision says, customers have one-click access to their DVR's through a "Record to iO DVR" option. Other features of the new remote DVR capability, according to the company, include DVR "naming" in order to differentiate multiple DVR boxes in the customer's home; the ability to identify a "favorite" DVR as a default recording choice unless another box is specified; programming recommendations for shows that are similar to the ones that have previously been recorded; and the ability to set DVR privileges for other members of the household. In addition, Cablevision says, customers can set up email or text message alerts to remind them when a program is going to run again.

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