Fox Using Augmented Reality to Promote "Dollhouse"

--iPhone Layar AR Browser Submitted to App Store, Two Wikipedia-Based iPhone AR Apps Launch

Broadcast network, Fox, has tapped marketing agency, Blitz, and Adobe Flash developer,, to develop an Adobe Flash/Adobe AIR-based interactive/augmented reality application to promote its new show, "Dollhouse."

Dubbed "Virtual Echo" (note: Echo is the name of the show's lead character, played by Eliza Dushku) and available as a free download from, the application is billed as bringing Echo to life in two ways: 1) it presents viewers with a video avatar of the character that walks around their computer desktop, switches between the character's different personas (dream date, hostage negotiator, assassin, etc.), and performs various tricks (e.g. shooting through the computer screen); and 2) it allows viewers who print out a special augmented reality symbol or "glyph" on the Virtual Echo Web page, and then hold it up to their Web cam, to bring the character to life in "3D" by moving the card, and to change her personas by using their arrow keys. The app also allows viewers to access full episodes of the show, as well as behind-the-scenes footage, cast and crew interviews, and photo galleries.

In other augmented reality news:

  • SPRXmobile revealed via Twitter last week that it has submitted an iPhone version of its Layar augmented reality browser, which is currently available only on the Android platform, for inclusion in the Apple App store (note: for background on the Layar platform--which leverages smartphones' integrated GPS and compass capabilities to display layers of interactive digital information on top of real-time video on those phones' camera screens, thus effectively transforming reality into a giant, clickable interactive video--see the articles published on, June 17th, July 9th, August 18th and September 27th, and the interview with SPRXmobile co-founder, Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald, published July 16th).
  • Two new Wikipedia-based augmented reality apps, Wikitude and Cyclopedia, have launched in the Apple App Store. The former, which allows users to add their own content about points of interest and which has been available on the Android platform for some time now, was developed by Mobilizy; the latter was developed by Chemical Wedding. An article from ReadWriteWeb has more detail.