DirecTV Extends Interactive TV Weather Apps to The Weather Channel HD

--Says Apps Have Generated Nearly a Billion Impressions Since Launching Last Year

Satellite TV provider, DirecTV, said Tuesday that it is launching The Weather Channel's interactive TV applications--which launched on its platform on the broadcaster's standard-definition channel around a year ago--on the broadcaster's HDTV channel, The Weather Channel HD. According to the company, since their launch last year, the apps have generated nearly a billion total household impressions.

The interactive TV weather apps include:

  • an Alert Ticker, which appears at the bottom of the TV screen during certain severe weather conditions. The ticker provides information on the current weather alert(s), and provides a link to the "Local On Demand" application (see below) for more information.
  • a "Local on the 8's" application, which allows viewers to watch The Weather Channel's (and now The Weather Channel HD's) "Local on the 8's" segments (presented at :08, :18, :28, :38, :48 and :58 minutes past the hour) for their specific locale. The segments present viewers with current conditions, details of the day's forecast, a seven-day forecast and a regional radar map automatically for their local area, and are presented with "the iconic Local on the 8's jazz and popular music soundtrack," DirecTV says.
  • a "Local On Demand" application, which allows The Weather Channel (and now The Weather Channel HD) viewers to access a menu of interactive weather features for their ZIP code, while continuing to watch The Weather Channel/The Weather Channel HD programming. Options accessed through the menu include current conditions, a five-day forecast, regional radar maps, weather alerts, and weather for up to five other cities that viewers can save as "favorites." Additionally, DirecTV says, viewers will be able to access localized weather information for over 40,000 ZIP code locations across the US.

DirecTV also said Tuesday that it is making VOD content from The Weather Channel available on its DirecTV On Demand platform (note: the latter service, which is available at no extra charge to DirecTV customers with a broadband-connected DirecTV Plus HD DVR or R22 DVR, currently offers around 5,000 titles). "The vital information available on The Weather Channel provides the perfect platform to offer enhanced interactive capabilities and on-demand content to our customers," Eric Shanks, EVP of DirecTV Entertainment, said in a prepared statement. "It is clear in the close to 1 billion household impressions generated in less than a year that our customers find these interactive services valuable, so it made sense to extend them to The Weather Channel HD. Providing these enhanced services to the Weather Channel HD furthers our ongoing commitment to creating the most dynamic television experience available."

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