SinglePoint Trumpets Success of its SingleBrand Ad Marketplace

--Service Is a Real-Time Mobile Ad Marketplace for Avails Generated by SMS-Driven Interactive TV

SinglePoint, a company which specializes in mobile-based interactive and participation TV, and which last year was chosen by NBC Universal to provide mobile interactive TV services across a broad range of its programming and channels, said Wednesday that its SingleBrand Ad Marketplace, which launched less than a year ago, is gaining significant momentum. According to the company, the total number of unique users for the service has reached 11 million, and SMS advertising has doubled each month since its launch.

When it launched SingleBrand Ad Marketplace, SinglePoint billed it as "the first real-time mobile advertising marketplace for SMS and MMS ad campaigns generated by popular interactive TV shows on major networks." The company says that the service is being used by a number of ad networks, including, Movoxx, Mojiva, Millennial Media and Marchex: it enables each ad network to access available inventory and insert branded messages directly into text message campaigns tied to participation/interactive TV shows. According to the company, the service's inventory "includes popular interactive TV shows seen on all major TV broadcasters." (Note: for a detailed description of how SingleBrand Ad Marketplace works, see the article published on, December 30th.)

SinglePoint says that a range of advertisers have also taken advantage of the service, including software companies, auto makers, sports leagues, airlines, department stores and movie studios. "Partnering with mobile ad networks gives our publishers a better spread of advertisers," Gowri Shankar, SinglePoint's SVP of sales and business development, said in a prepared statement. "SinglePoint stays focused in offering ad networks and advertisers access to this unique, highly targeted inventory in real time for an efficient and cost-effective marketplace experience. From January to August, the number of SMS ads served by SingleBrand Ad Marketplace has grown 800%."

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