ExtendMedia Targets OTT and TV Everywhere with New Video Monetization Capabilities

Multiscreen video-management software solutions provider, ExtendMedia (note: the company recently launched a product called OpenCASE Publisher, which it bills as designed to help cable, telco, satellite, mobile and other video service distributors take advantage of the growing momentum of the "TV Everywhere" distribution model, by providing a platform for them to quickly build and deploy multiscreen video offerings--see article published on itvt.com, August 4th), last week launched a new commerce, subscription and pay-media solution as part of its OpenCASE suite of video management products.

According to the company, the new capabilities position OpenCASE as a "comprehensive, multi-business model platform, purpose-built to support OTT and TV Everywhere-style" services, and include:

  • Conditional access to entitled content (for TV Everywhere).
  • Comprehensive support for video subscription service delivery.
  • Support for download-to-own and rental commerce models.
  • Support for digital lockers (i.e. the ability to centrally manage a user's digital rights across sites, libraries and devices).
  • Flexible licensing and DRM issuance policies.
  • SMS payment gateway support.
  • Payment transaction support in over 130 currencies.
  • Web-based tax processing.
  • Gift card processing
  • Comprehensive third-party security audits for PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance.
  • Multi-device (TV, PC, mobile) support.

ExtendMedia says that the OpenCASE platform now supports a range of established broadband video business models, including ad-supported, recurring video content subscriptions, downloads and electronic sell-through, as well as emerging models, such as virtual media bundles, bundled video content and digital lockers. "As content owners and distributors build new TV Everywhere and OTT consumer services, they need the tools not just to support the underlying service, but also to support dual business models--virtually all will involve some combination of both ad-supported and pay-media models," ExtendMedia CEO, Tom MacIsaac, said in a prepared statement. "We've been developing innovative multi-business model solutions built on the ExtendMedia OpenCASE platform since inception, but this newest release widens the gap between Extend and any other provider. We continue to deliver the most comprehensive solutions for content owners and service providers to quickly build and monetize digital video offerings."

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