Comcast Using BlackArrow's VOD Ad Insertion Technology in Jacksonville, Florida

Advanced advertising technology provider, BlackArrow, announced Tuesday that its VOD ad insertion platform has gone live with Comcast in Jacksonville, Florida.

According to BlackArrow (whose investors include Comcast Interactive Capital), its Advanced Advertising System provides programmers and cable operators with a real-time, multiplatform campaign management and decision solution that enables them to run more timely and relevant ads in their VOD sessions. Traditionally, the company says, advertising campaigns in VOD content have had limited effectiveness, due to the static nature of the ads being encoded directly into the VOD stream--with ads often inserted into a program several weeks in advance of the program being made available on an operator's VOD system. However, the company says, in its Jacksonville market, Comcast is now able to insert standard 15- and 30-second promotional spots, as well as newly introduced 20-second spots, (note: currently the ads are for upcoming shows and specials on PBS Kids Sprout and FEARnet, two programming services of which Comcast is a part-owner), dynamically. "The ability to update VOD advertising will help us offer feature parity with traditional linear and Internet-based advertising systems," Diana Kerekes, Comcast's VP of video content, said in a prepared statement. "We're pleased to be working with a technology leader like BlackArrow as we look for ways to offer our programming partners expanded opportunities to monetize their content offerings." Added BlackArrow CEO, Dean Denhart: "Comcast has led the industry in creating new opportunities to reach consumers in the on-demand marketplace, and we're excited to be working with them. By combining BlackArrow's expertise in advanced VOD advertising platforms with Comcast's VOD leadership, we hope to expand the business model significantly for on-demand advertising."

BlackArrow bills its Advanced Advertising System as being designed to address the complexities of advertising in VOD environments, including Internet video as well as operator infrastructures. The system's Sales Suite is intended to allow national and local ad-sales organizations at media and cable companies to define, manage and fulfill multiplatform, multioperator advertising campaigns, enabling them, BlackArrow claims, to reach audiences that are increasingly embracing timeshited media on their TV's, computers and mobile phones. The system's BlackArrow Decision Suite, meanwhile, is billed by the company as offering powerful ad decision logic and proven system interoperability for deploying dynamic ad insertion rapidly in VOD environments.

(Note: [itvt] will be publishing an in-depth interview on the new Comcast deployment with BlackArrow CEO, Dean Denhart, and president, Nick Troiano, in our Friday Interviews and Features issue.)

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