Blockbuster On Demand Service Goes Live on Broadband-Connected TiVo DVR's

TiVo announced Tuesday that movie rental chain Blockbuster's Blockbuster On Demand service can now be accessed over-the-top on broadband-connected TiVo Series2, TiVo Series3, TiVo HD and TiVo HD XL DVR's. A deal between TiVo and Blockbuster was first announced in March.

Blockbuster content now available for rental on TiVo as a result of the deal includes a range of new-release (priced at $3.99) and older (priced at $2.99) standard-definition movies, including mainstream and indie titles. Over the coming weeks, the companies say, Blockbuster will expand its available catalog for TiVo subscribers, with the addition of HD titles (priced at $4.99) and other content (note: rival Amazon Video On Demand, which is also available on TiVo, currently offers a range of HD content on that platform). The deal will also see TiVo DVR's sold at thousands of participating Blockbuster stores across the US, the companies say. "Blockbuster nights are synonymous with family and fun, something that goes perfectly with the TiVo experience," Joe Miller, TiVo's SVP of sales and marketing, said in a prepared statement. "By bringing Blockbuster's content direct to TiVo subscribers, we show once again that TiVo offers much more choice and convenience for our customers compared to other DVR offerings. We are very pleased to say that customers can now walk into a participating Blockbuster store to purchase TiVo DVR's and that together both companies have succeeded in bringing even more entertainment direct to the living room."

In order to access the service, TiVo subscribers click from the TiVo Central menu into the "Video on Demand" screen, where a Blockbuster logo is now displayed. They can then browse through available Blockbuster titles.

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