On-Air Finale of MTV's Multiplatform Interactive Series, "Valemont," to Feature Live Twitter Component

MTV Networks contacted [itvt] Monday to let us know that today's (Tuesday's) on-air finale of its multiplatform (linear TV, Web and mobile), interactive, supernatural mystery series, "Valemont," will feature a live Twitter component (note: for a detailed overview of the show and its various interactive elements, see the article published on itvt.com, September 27th).

The on-air finale--the last of a series of two-minute episodes that have aired on MTV's linear TV channel after "The City"--will reveal that the show's Valemont University is a university for vampires: the show will then become a "digital-only" series, with 12 additional episodes, MTV says. During the finale episode, according to the broadcaster, it will offer a "live twitterstream from the point of view of a person helping the Valemont community break into the Panthera party"--a Valemont University event that will be the central focus of the episode. "We won't say who it is, because they'd be in tremendous danger if someone found out who they were, but the Twitter handle @PantheraHP will invite registered users on ValemontU.com, as well as the community of fans on Valemontcommons.com and the existing 2000+ followers we already have on Twitter to break into the party," an email we received from MTV quotes the show's producers as saying. The email continues: "Existing characters on Twitter attending the party, including Beatrice (@queen_beatrice), Sebastian (@seb_vancleer), Leonardo (@PntheraHseLeo), Sophie (@so_fields), and Poppy (@PoppyBarker), will be posting under their own Twitter accounts but from their point of views of what's happening in the finale for them. The Live Tweeting will begin at 9:30EST and then end right at 11:03PM when finale ends with the big cliffhanger of Poppy getting taken and the vampire reveal. We will then drive all these Twitterers online at http://Valemont.mtv.com to see the remaining episodes being released online right after finale."

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