Verizon Launches Two More Interactive TV Games in its FiOS TV Widget Bazaar

Verizon announced Wednesday that it has launched two new interactive TV casual games in its FiOS TV Widget Bazaar applications marketplace: Reversi and Chinese Checkers. According to the company, the games, which are offered free of charge, have been rolled out in California and Texas, and will be available in other FiOS TV areas soon. Other free casual games available through the FiOS TV Widget Bazaar (note: they can also be accessed under the Games menu of the FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide) include Chess, Solitaire, Sudoku and Word Builder. In announcing the new games, Verizon cited a recent Nielsen GamePlay Metrics study that found that 43 million Americans play casual games every day. The company also offers a casual games service called Games on Demand on its portal: the service provides around 400 games for a $5-per-month subscription or 1,500 games for $14.99 per month.

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