Arris Unveils Three-Tuner Moxi HD DVR, New Pricing for Dual-Tuner Box

--First Moxi Product Launch Since Arris Acquired Digeo in September for $20 Million

Arris, the communications technology provider that acquired struggling DVR company, Digeo, and its flagship Moxi products (including their Emmy-winning "cross-hairs" interface) back in September for just $20 million in cash (see the article published on, September 27th), announced a new three-tuner version of the Moxi HD DVR, Monday night, as well as a steep price reduction for the two-tuner Moxi HD DVR, and a new Moxi multi-room package.

According to Arris, the new three-tuner Moxi HD DVR allows users to record three channels simultaneously, while watching a fourth recorded program, and is available bundled with the Moxi Mate device (enables DVR functionality on a second TV) for an MSRP of $799; the MSRP of the dual-tuner Moxi HD DVR has been reduced from $799 to $499; and the new "three-room" package, which is comprised of a three-tuner Moxi HD DVR and two Moxi Mates, has an MSRP of $999. The company also said Monday night that it plans to deliver live TV on the Moxi Mate via the Moxi HD DVR, and that the Moxi HD DVR will receive this functionality via an automatic software download. In addition, it said that it was reducing the MSRP of the Moxi Mate from $399 to $299. "We've heard from consumers that they love the Moxi products but are looking for different price and component options to serve their individual needs," Marc Beckwitt, Arris's VP of CPE video business development, said in a prepared statement. "The recent acquisition by Arris brings the market presence and leverage required to drive cost out of the product, and consequently, we're able to offer these very competitive prices to consumers."

Arris--which attempts to differentiate the Moxi platform from rival TiVo in its promotional materials by promising that it "continues to stand by the commitment to deliver the Moxi 'all in,' with no monthly or lifetime DVR service fees" and stressing that the Moxi box "has no in-menu advertisements"--also says that it plans to release two Moxi software upgrades this month: according to the company, the updates "will enable users to specify preferred record settings that can be applied to any new recorded TV shows or TV series," and will enable a "new menu structure [that] delivers easier access and better visibility related to the DVR function of the Moxi HD DVR, such as available hard drive space and other Moxi HD DVR-related recording and scheduling functions." In addition, the company--which currently sells Moxi devices only through the Web site--says that it is now supporting payment for the devices by major credit card, instead of the PayPal option previously offered.

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