Orca's RiGHTv IPTV Middleware "Crosses the Lines" to Support New, Fully OTT Service

--Deal with CTV Will See RiGHTv Powering Delivery of "Ethnic" Content to Ex-Pats

Israeli IPTV middleware and applications provider, Orca Interactive, said Tuesday that it has signed a deal with CTV International, a new US-based service provider that is launching an over-the-top service which it says will provide "ethnic" content (including TV programs and Web video) to ex-patriot communities around the world via a PC or set-top box. According to Orca, the service--which will initially provide Hebrew-language programming targeted at Israeli ex-patriots and travelers--will be one of the first live deployments in which an IPTV middleware has "crossed the lines" to support a fully OTT service.

Orca says that CTV International selected its RiGHTv middleware platform as the basis for its new service because it allows it to use existing, mature components that provide a "full, TV-like experience." In addition, the company claims, RiGHTv's open architecture enables CTV to "select the codecs, which offers the maximum flexibility regarding hardware no matter where in the world it is deployed and the option to support both the PC and the STB." This, Orca says, was a key criterion for CTV "as they believe that availability of content is vital, since they expect their service to be a secondary source of content to the consumer or traveler who wants to keep up to date with news, programs and events from their country of origin and in their native language."

Services supported by the RiGHTv middleware platform, according to Orca, include live TV, network DVR, pay-per-view, subscription and transactional VOD, and live radio. In order to support the specific needs of OTT service providers, the company says, self-service, pre- and post-payment methods are supported on both a set-top box and a PC user interface. Another major factor in CTV's selection of the platform, Orca claims, was that it allows it to customize its service's user interface and develop new applications using Orca's software development kit: CTV's business model calls for it to provide customized frontend interfaces in a variety of languages and with different line-ups of content, in order to cater to different ethnic groups around the world. In addition, Orca says, the platform will provide CTV with the ability to support mobile interfaces in the future. "Orca's RiGHTv was the natural choice for us, given its flexibility of support for different devices and its open standards-based approach, which gives us maximum flexibility to roll out our service on a global basis and cut our initial investment in the total cost of the solution ownership," CTV president, Meni Dvir, said in a prepared statement. Added Orca's VP of sales and marketing, Sefy Ariely: "We see the OTT market as a huge growth opportunity for ourselves and our service provider customers; one which is complementary to IPTV services. Offering travelers or ex-pats access to content from their homeland exemplifies the business potential that online video represents. We believe that CTV has a very bright future ahead of it and we're delighted to be playing a key role in facilitating that."

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