Ooyala in Broadband Video Overlay Advertising Partnership with YuMe

Broadband video platform provider, Ooyala, and YuMe, which bills itself as "the first advertising technology company built from the ground up for broadband video," announced Monday that they are partnering in order to "help publishers monetize live online video streams" (note: the announcement follows Ooyala's announcement last week of advanced ad network integration, as well as adaptive bitrate delivery). According to the companies, Ooyala's Backlot dashboard now includes a simple process for publishers to specify ad insertion points for YuMe overlays when publishing a live video stream. The companies say that Ooyala platform customers with premium content will be able to receive overlay ads from major brands in their live video streams through YuMe, which claims to serve over 25 million in-stream video ads each day for over 500 publishers. "We built YuMe's technology to help publishers monetize videos wherever and however they choose to distribute them as the online video industry evolves," YuMe co-founder and president, Jayant Kadambi, said in a prepared statement. "As a leading online video platform, Ooyala works with some of the biggest media companies in the world, and we look forward to helping them monetize their live, streaming video."

YuMe claims that it became the first video advertising technology provider to support dynamic ad insertion into live video, when it added the feature to ACE, its video ad management system, back in 2007. According to the company, ACE helps publishers increase fill rates and maximize CPM's on any IP-enabled device, with advanced targeting, high-impact ad units, demand forecasting and third-party ad network management.

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