TiVo Signs Interactive TV Ad Deal with MillerCoors, Reduces Prices of TiVo HD and HD XL DVR's

--iAd Deal Includes UGC Spots, "Crowd-Sourced" via Partnership with XLNTads

TiVo on Tuesday announced price reductions on its TiVo HD and TiVo HD XL DVR's, two new holiday-themed Facebook applications, and an interactive TV advertising deal with MillerCoors.

According to the company, the price of the TiVo HD has been reduced from $299.99 to $249.99 and the price of the TiVo HD XL from $599.99 to $499.99 (plus cost of service). Customers who buy an HDTV from Best Buy together with a TiVo HD will also receive $100 off the price of that box. The two new Facebook apps are "TiVo Re-Gift It" ("Ever get tired of opening lame over-gifted holiday items you seem to get every year like festive boxers or fruitcake?," TiVo writes in its press materials. "Well now you can choose from our line-up of unwanted holiday gifts and re-gift 'em to your friends and then tell them what you REALLY want this holiday: Maybe a TiVo HD DVR?") and "My TV Family Holiday" ("Imagine spending the upcoming holiday with your favorite TV characters as members of your family," TiVo writes. "Choose from dozens of iconic TV characters and build a dream family to spend your Holiday with. Be careful how you choose, because you just may end up with an even crazier family than the one you already have").

TiVo's new MillerCoors deal, meanwhile, will make the latter's Coors Light brand a "prominent presence" on the TiVo user interface during NFL telecasts, TiVo says. According to the company, the Coors Light advertising campaign--which will launch this week and which will encompass the Super Bowl--will see that brand's "refreshment as cold as the Rockies" message delivered to TiVo viewers in several different ways: whenever viewers see a Coors Light prompt while watching NFL programming, they will be able to use their remotes to go to a Coors Light NFL Showcase, that will offer a range of bonus content, including behind-the-scenes footage from the brand's "Coaches" ads, user-generated versions of those spots, and information on how to win Super Bowl tickets and other prizes that are being given away as part of a "Countdown to 44" promotion. In addition, whenever a TiVo user pauses or deletes NFL programming, they will see a branded prompt inviting them to visit the Coors Light NFL Showcase; and a prompt will also appear on TiVo Central and on the TiVo Showcase Grid, as well as during Coors Light ads that appear on screen when users are rewinding or fast-forwarding programs.

According to TiVo, the Coors Light NFL Showcase's user-generated versions of Coors Light's "Coaches" ads are being sourced via a partnership with XLNTads, a company that produces user-generated advertising through a site called Poptent.net (note: according to XLNTads, Poptent.net is "a social network of 12,000 independent commercial video creators, with members in over 80 countries," which "connects with brands through an approach called 'crowd sourcing,' developing scores of video solutions for each assignment embraced by XLNTads clients"; the company claims that this approach allows it to develop "network-ready commercials and video content for about one-tenth the cost of traditional production methods"). TiVo says that XLNTads has posted a creative brief for the Coors Light assignment before its network of 12,000 videographers and that it expects to receive over 100 entries for the Showcase. "With the increase of DVR homes across the country, brands need to be able to expand their presence and offer unique, compelling content for consumers," Tara Maitra, TiVo's VP and general manager of content services and advertising sales, said in a prepared statement. "As TV viewing habits evolve, even sporting events, which are typically watched live, are becoming more prone to timeshifting and, as a result, are experiencing increased levels of commercial avoidance. We are pleased that Coors Light is taking advantage of our full suite of interactive advertising options as our solutions provide unique ways to reach the DVR viewer."

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