Comcast Spotlight's "Video Circulars On Demand" Converts Retailers' Print Advertising into VOD Assets

Comcast's advertising sales arm, Comcast Spotlight, on Wednesday announced a new service, called Video Circulars On Demand, which takes retailers' print advertising materials--including weekly newspaper inserts ("circulars"), display ads and catalogs--and converts them into on-demand video slideshows.

According to the company, the service allows Comcast customers to browse "the most up-to-date sale items traditionally featured in printed newspaper inserts from several top retailers." The Video Circulars can be accessed in Comcast's On Demand Shopping category by selecting channel 887, or by selecting "Searchlight" from Comcast's main VOD menu and then going to the shopping category. The circulars include information on how customers can buy the featured products in stores and online, and can be fast-forwarded, rewound and paused. "Updating the classic sales circular for TV is a natural evolution," Kevin Smith, Comcast Spotlight's VP of digital media, said in a prepared statement. "For retailers, Video Circulars On Demand are a tool to expand their reach to customers who are watching more and more video. For consumers, it's another option for finding the items they're looking for, from the comfort and convenience of their own homes."

Comcast Spotlight says it will promote Video Circulars On Demand in a series of 30-second spots airing throughout its footprint, as well as in banner ads featured on its i-Guide EPG. According to the company, nearly 40% of its VOD customers accessed Video Circulars On Demand in recent trials of the service, and retailers "found similar in-store lift on featured items when compared to newspaper inserts." More information on the service, including video demos, is available here.

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