New Interviews with Sezmi Co-Founder, Phil Wiser, and Microsoft Xbox Live GM, Marc Whitten

--Plus ActiveVideo's Edgar Villalpando on the Emergence of the Connected Car

[itvt] has just published interviews with Sezmi co-founder, chairman and president, Phil Wiser, and with Microsoft Xbox Live general manager, Marc Whitten.

Wiser discusses Sezmi's platform (a set-top box-based offering which the company bills as "combining traditional TV content, movies and Internet video in a single, easy-to-use product and service"), its programming partnerships and its various interactive, social and content-discovery capabilities; the company's monetization strategy and roadmap for the
platform; why the company believes the platform could "replace" cable and satellite; and more.

Whitten discusses Microsoft's plans for transforming the Xbox into a platform for interactive, social and on-demand television, and why the company believes the lines between gaming, social networking and TV are blurring.

In addition, [itvt] blogger, Edgar Villalpando, SVP of marketing at ActiveVideo Networks, shares some thoughts on the emergence of the connected car.

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