New Interview on Calit2's NexCAVE 3D Immersive Visualization System, New iTV Doctor Column

--Note: Due to Thanksgiving, [itvt]'s Daily News Service Will Be on Hiatus until Monday, November 30th

[itvt] has just published an interview with Professor Tom DeFanti, the principal scientist behind the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology's (Calit2) new 3D immersive visualization system, NexCAVE. Also participating in the interview is Dave Walton of JVC, the company whose 3D HD LCD monitors form a crucial component of NexCAVE.

We have also just published a special Thanksgiving-themed edition of Rick Howe's regular column, "The iTV Doctor Is In!," in which he describes his experiences as a balloon handler at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (note: this year he'll be helping navigate Arrrrtie the Pirate through New York City's concrete canyons; in previous years, he's handled Barney the purple dinosaur, Chicken Little, Santa's Candy Cane and Ronald McDonald).

In addition, [itvt] blogger, Edgar Villalpando, SVP of marketing at ActiveVideo Networks, argues that cloud-based interactivity can transform the EPG "from a tool to an attraction."

Finally, we'd like to wish all our US readers a very happy Thanksgiving. We're taking a few days off (hence no daily news reports today or for the rest of the week), but we'll be back with all the latest interactive TV news Monday morning.

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