Livestream, Xfire in "Social Live Video Game Broadcasting" Partnership

Livestream (formerly Mogulus), a New York-based company which offers a platform that enables amateurs and professionals to produce and distribute live TV on the Internet, and online gamer community, Xfire (which claims to have 14.5 million users), on Monday announced what they are calling a "social live video game broadcasting partnership."

According to the companies, the partnership sees them offering a new service that allows Xfire users to broadcast their game play to an unlimited number of viewers. The service lets "gamecasters" and their viewers interact via instant messaging, the companies say, and lets viewers watch live gamecasts on PC's and mobile phones. The live gamecasts that the service enables are available on Xfire (, Livestream ( and, according to the companies, on any social network, blog or Web site where users can embed video players.

The companies claim that the new service creates various "unique opportunities" for the Xfire community. Gamers can share tricks and tips with their friends, get live feedback and help from viewers, and see live gameplay before making purchase decisions, the companies say; while professional gaming teams can engage their fans through live practice or match broadcasts and practice with their team members for tournaments. In addition, the companies claim, the service will allow publishers and developers to build marketing buzz for new releases and new content, engage with the community for various events, and re-engage with gamers who have stopped playing their games. "The partnership expands Xfire's offering to our vibrant community," Xfire general manager, Chris Kirmse, said in a prepared statement. "It keeps our users involved, engaged and active. For Livestream, the partnership adds compelling gaming content to the linear and on-demand video content already available to millions of viewers and reinforces the power of the Livestream Platform. We integrated Livestream's platform within two weeks using their Platform API's, providing our users a one-click solution to start a live broadcast." Added Livestream CEO, Max Haot: "Xfire is a true leader in the gaming industry, and this partnership is an exciting opportunity for us to showcase the power of live streaming in the gaming category. Live gamecasting has been one of the top categories on and with this partnership, we provide the best solution available for gamers and ensure continuous leadership in this growing market segment." And added Cedric Lagarrigue, CEO of games company, Focus Home Interactive: "Live gamecasting is rapidly growing among our audience and reflects the growing trend of youth turning their attention to video games during traditional primetime TV viewing hours. We plan to use Xfire's live video streaming service to build a marketing buzz with our community for new content for 'Blood Bowl.' It is one of the most cost-effective marketing campaigns to reach out to our users."

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