Widget Version of HSN's "Shop by Remote" Interactive TV App Launches on Verizon FiOS TV

--Features Special "Verizon FiOS Deal of the Day"

In a corporate blog posting, Wednesday, Verizon's director of external communications, Bobbi Henson, announced that the company has partnered with home shopping network, HSN, to create a new widget version of the latter's Shop by Remote interactive TV application for the Verizon FiOS TV platform (note: Comcast has just announced the national roll-out of an EBIF version of Shop by Remote--see the article in this issue). The new widget will feature a "deal of the day" exclusively for FiOS TV customers, Henson said.

The Shop by Remote widget is scheduled to launch today (Thursday) on FiOS TV systems in New Jersey, New York, Florida and Texas, and is slated to be available in all other FiOS TV markets shortly thereafter. "You can pull up the new HSN widget while you're watching any show and use your remote control to browse different HSN shopping categories, including what's being shown on air or a special of the day," Henson wrote. "You can even check out the last 15 items aired in case you missed something great on the HSN channel. When you see something you like, click the 'B' button on your FiOS TV remote, log into your HSN account, and purchase the goodie, hassle-free. See it, click it, own it. What's not to love? And, exclusive to FiOS TV customers," Henson continued, "a 'must have' item that's never been discounted before will be offered daily through the widget at a special rate, as the 'Verizon FiOS Deal of the Day.'"

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