TV Genius Launches Converged Three-Screen TV Search and Recommendation Engine

Video search specialist, TV Genius (whose customers include AOL, Sky and, last week announced the launch of a converged, three-screen TV search and recommendation engine for the Web, mobile and TV, which it says "builds on [its] success in mobile and Web to deliver [a] solution for scheduled, VOD and premium TV programming." According to the company, its Content Discovery Platform (CDP) and Relevance Engine have been built from the ground up specifically to meet the needs of TV discovery, providing richer content aggregation and allowing viewers to discover programming from a range of sources, including broadcast TV and VOD on television or online.

As operators compete to be "the gateway to home entertainment," TV Genius says, personalized TV is a key service differentiator. The company claims to offer easy-to-use search and recommendation functionality, allowing viewers to explore content across a range of platforms. This, it says, reduces churn and increases ARPU by enabling TV service providers to give viewers "the TV search results that keep them coming back and wanting more." The company claims that its new three-screen solution builds on four years of development and over 20 Web and mobile deployments in seven countries. "The number of TV channels keeps growing and with the emergence of online video on TV devices, it is important that service providers offer content discovery that is relevant and simple to use," TV Genius CEO, Tom Weiss, said in a prepared statement. "Viewers are not getting the most from multichannel services and sticking to familiar channels only. TV Genius' Content Discovery Platform helps them find the relevant programming that will engage them for longer. Operators and content owners can therefore benefit from reduced churn and increased revenue through the monetization of VOD or premium content. We're delighted to launch our three-screen converged solution which builds upon our deployment experience on the Web and mobile to enable a consistent video discovery experience wherever the user is and whatever device they use. Our Content Discovery Platform provides a number of operational and revenue generating benefits to content owners and operators, as well as enabling television viewers to explore the increasingly converged broadcast and broadband video landscape."

TV Genius bills its "end-to-end" search and recommendations solutions both as helping increase the amount of time viewers spend consuming pay-TV services--thus allowing operators to maintain their relevance as "the primary entertainment aggregator in the home"--and as enabling operators to differentiate their platforms from competing offerings by providing a more personalized television service, "leading to higher customer acquisition and increased advertising revenue opportunities."

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