Clicker Media Launches Programming Discovery Application for the Boxee OTT Platform

--MobileTribe Enables Social Networking on Roku OTT Devices

In a posting on its corporate blog last week, Clicker Media--the company that 1) recently launched, a service which it bills as "the first complete programming guide to Internet television" and as "the first truly comprehensive, structured and unbiased resource for navigating all broadcast- and broadcast-quality programming online" (see the article published on, November 16th), and 2) also recently announced that Sling Media co-founder, Blake Krikorian, had invested in it and joined its board (see the article published on, November 9th)--announced that a Clicker app is now available for the Boxee over-the-top-TV platform. "Clicker's Boxee app gives you the opportunity to experience our service in a brand new way--on your actual television," the blog posting stated. "You can search for your favorite shows, movies and videos, or you can browse through hundreds of categories. All this while sitting 10 feet away with a (real) clicker in your hand."

However, according to the company, since "not all the programming you can discover on is available on Boxee yet...our Boxee app explicitly features only shows or movies that are currently available through Boxee," including around 180,000 episodes from approximately 3,000 TV and Web shows, as well as around 5,000 movies (note: unlike Clicker's Web site, the app does not, for example, feature programming from Hulu). The company says it is working with Boxee to add "more content and many more sources in the future" and that Clicker will also be available "in a lot more places over the next few months." The Clicker Boxee app is currently available in the "App Box" of the Boxee Alpha, but will be a default app in the "Applications" section of the new Boxee Beta, the company says. Clicker Media CEO, Jim Lanzone, will be demo'ing the new app at the Boxee Beta launch party in Brooklyn tonight (Monday).

In other OTT news: MobileTribe--a company that describes itself as an enabler of cloud-based converged services across multiple screens--last week announced the launch of a service which it bills as bringing online social networking to the Roku over-the-top-TV platform. According to the company, the new offering enables users to blend their "online social and personal communities, as well as address books from Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Google, Yahoo!, Flickr and Picasa, into one easy-to-use application on your Roku player that leverages the MobileTribe cloud platform in the network to deliver all the services" (note: MobileTribe is one of a number of new services that recently launched on the Roku platform, see the article published on, November 23rd). "We are pleased to see companies like MobileTribe integrating their services into the Roku platform using our open SDK," Jim Funk, Roku's VP of business development, said in a prepared statement. "Through this integration, consumers win as they reap the benefits of better and more affordable global communication solutions from MobileTribe on their TV screen via our Roku player." Added MobileTribe founder and chairman, Nino Vidovic: "We are really impressed by the seamless integration of the Roku player's open platform with the MobileTribe platform. With the Roku player, our users now can enjoy watching movies, while at the same time keep up with their friends' activities from same TV screen." According to MobileTribe, its cloud-based service is now available on over 500 mobile phones, as well as on IPTV set-top boxes. A demo video of MobileTribe on Roku is embedded below.

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