Kyte Partners with Level Studios to Enable "Interactive, Multiplatform Social Video Experiences"

Kyte, a San Francisco-based company that offers a social-enabled broadband and mobile video platform for live and on-demand content (note: it bills its platform as "combin[ing] the real-time, interactive and community building capabilities of the social Web with professional-grade analytics and content management features, enabling businesses and organizations to engage online and mobile audiences and build community around their brand"), and independent digital agency, Level Studios, on Tuesday announced the formation of a strategic partnership that they say will enable companies and brands to maximize their online, social and mobile Web presence through interactive, multiplatform social video experiences.

The first brand to leverage the companies' partnership is energy drink company, Monster Energy, which recently launched a new Web site, designed by Level Studios, that the companies say incorporates Kyte's broadband video platform in order to "engage audiences and build brand awareness across the social Web." According to a posting on Kyte's blog, Level Studios "used the Kyte Platform SDK (Software Development Kit) to fully customize the Monster Energy Web site, integrating Kyte as the online video platform, and including engagement features allowing users to share on the social Web." "Our partnership with Level Studios allows us to offer a complete solution for brands and enterprises looking to maximize their video presence across Web, mobile and social platforms," Kyte COO, Gannon Hall, said in a prepared statement. "Kyte is a digital agency operating at the forefront of digital marketing and consumer brand engagement. Level's best-of-breed strategic, creative and development services make it possible for brands to most effectively leverage the full power of the Kyte platform. We're thrilled to have them as a strategic partner." Added Level Studios president and CEO, Tom Adamski: "Our clients are increasingly coming to us to integrate and leverage social media as well as multimedia content. Kyte offers a succinct strategy and philosophy to define quality experiences around those topics as a way to promote brands. There are a lot of business strategies around digital content and social media, but few companies are executing these initiatives as well as Kyte. We are excited to partner with Kyte and provide a simple way to manage professional branded video and user-generated content accessed both online and on mobile devices."

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