ADB Trumpets tru2way Demo at Recent CableLabs Interop Event

Geneva-based set-top box company, Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB), announced today that it has demonstrated live that it can "deliver the promise of tru2way for cable system operators and consumers." According to the company, at a recent CableLabs Interop event it showed how its ADB-4820C HD set-top box can seamlessly support the full functionality of both Cisco and Motorola tru2way headends and CableCARDs: the box was first connected to a Cisco headend using a Cisco CableCARD, and displayed Time Warner Cable's TV channels and tru2way interactive guide. Then, ADB says, without powering down the box, the Cisco CableCARD was removed from it and replaced with a Motorola CableCARD: the box then automatically connected to the Motorola headend, according to the company, and in less than five minutes displayed Comcast's TV channels and tru2way interactive guide.

A video of the demo--which was designed to illustrate how a correct implementation of tru2way allows portability and interoperability between headends, networks and set-top boxes, thus significantly reducing the cost of integration, deployment and ownership for cable MSO's--can be seen here. "The promise of tru2way has been that a single platform would lead to a transformation of the set-top box environment by allowing one device to fit multiple systems," Timothy P. Schermerhorn, SVP and general manager of ADB's Americas Cable business unit, said in a prepared statement. "This achievement is a direct benefit of our uncompromised open-standard software capabilities. Rather than delivering technology pieces that operators are left to integrate at high cost, ADB provides a fully integrated set-top platform that is ready for immediate deployment. This saves operators time and money, allowing them to focus on advanced TV services development rather than on set-top integration."

The ADB-4820C, which integrates ADB's own tru2way stack, is a so-called "set-back box"--i.e. it is designed to be mounted on the back of a plasma or LCD TV, and uses HDMI-CEC technology to allow a single control to be used for both the TV set and the box itself. According to ADB, it has been tru2way certified since early 2008 and has been developed to comply with the low energy consumption levels set by standards bodies. ADB's other tru2way products include the ADB-6880CDMX, an interactive media center with DVR and home networking capability, and the ADB-6880CDM, an interactive set-top box optimized for tru2way networks with home networking capability.

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