WHDI Releases 1.0 Specification for Uncompressed Multiroom HDTV Streaming

--Billed as Only Full 1080p/60Hz HD Wireless Solution for All CE, PC and Mobile Devices in the Home

WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface), a consortium of consumer electronics manufacturers tasked with developing an industry standard for multiroom video, audio and control connectivity, has announced the completion and availability of its WHDI 1.0 specification. According to the consortium, the new standard enables full 1080p/60Hz HD video with Deep Color at a distance of 100 feet and through walls. The consortium claims that no other wireless standard combines this level of quality and robustness with the ease of multiroom wireless, and that the standard will allow consumers to build a wireless network in the home to take advantage of the latest content and interactive services.

According to WHDI, the new standard was developed in response to the increasing availability of HD sources (including PC's, mobiles and consumer electronics devices) to TV's around the home, and also in order to make it easy to bring HD content from the set-top box in the living room to other HDTV sets in the home. The consortium says that the standard ensures that, by purchasing products with the WHDI logo, consumers will be able to bring home devices from different manufacturers that will simply and directly connect to one another and deliver HD content and services without the need for complicated and expensive wiring. "WHDI is the only solution that meets consumers' expectation and demand for a high-quality, multiroom HD wireless solution," WHDI president, Leslie Chard, said in a prepared statement. "WHDI further enables two of the strongest trends in the A/V universe: the proliferation of HD content sources (now including the PC and mobile devices) and the increasing number of inexpensive, high-quality displays placed throughout the home."

According to WHDI, the new standard provides a high-quality, uncompressed wireless link that supports the delivery of equivalent video data rates of up to 3Gbps (including 1080p/60Hz) in a 40MHz channel in the 5GHz unlicensed band, conforming to worldwide 5GHz spectrum regulations. Range is beyond 100 feet, the consortium claims, through walls, and latency is less than one millisecond. In addition, it says, WHDI relies on HDCP revision 2.0 to provide "superior Hollywood-approved" security and digital content protection.

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