NDS, DOXTV Enable HD DVR and Push-VOD Service for China's Chongqing Cable

Interactive TV and conditional access technology provider, NDS, and Chinese value-added TV service provider, DOXTV, on Wednesday announced the launch of what they say is China's first HD DVR and push-VOD service. The service, part of an offering dubbed Chongqing Cable TV+, is offered to subscribers of Chongqing Cable (note: the latter claims to have around 5 million analog and digital subs), which, in addition to NDS's XTV DVR technology with push-VOD capability, has deployed the company's MediaHighway middleware, its VideoGuard conditional access system, and an EPG co-developed by NDS and DOXTV.

DOXTV claims to have rights to a wide range of content (including programming from CCTV, the BBC, CBS, NHK, NBC Universal, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Disney, Paramount and 20th Century Fox) and says that it provides Chongqing and other Chinese cable operators with over 1,500 hours of international and local HD content each year. According to the company, which will provide programming for Chongqing TV+, it will deliver Hollywood blockbusters to Chongqing subscribers via the new push-VOD service within three to six months after their US release. DOXTV and NDS say that Chongqing TV+ will also provide pay-TV channels, interactive TV, and broadband connectivity allowing a range of converged services. "There is a pent-up demand for premium TV services and HD content in China," Chongqing Cable general manager, Li Xiaofeng, said in a prepared statement. "In partnership with NDS and DOXTV, we are making this a reality now. Our subscribers will now be able to watch what they want, when they want, with NDS XTV DVR technology that allows them to pause live TV, record, play back, rewind and fast-forward their favorite TV programs to view when they choose." Added DOXTV CEO, Tao Libao: "By bringing HD and VOD to subscribers in China for the first time, DOXTV and Chongqing Cable are revolutionizing the TV experience. With a broad range of quality programming and the world's leading technology, we will be delivering a first-of-its kind premier HD pay-TV service in China."