Ustream Launches First One-to-Many Live Broadcasting App for Apple iPhone

--Qik Submits Live Broadcasting iPhone App for App Store Approval

Live Internet broadcast service provider, Ustream, on Wednesday announced the availability of a Ustream Live Broadcaster iPhone app in the iTunes App Store (note: the company has previously launched versions of the app for Android and Nokia devices; earlier this year--see the article published on, August 6th--it launched a free iPhone 3GS Recorder app, which allows users to syndicate recorded videos to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Ustream on Facebook and, but which, because of restrictions that were still imposed at the time by Apple and AT&T, does not allow syndication of live video). According to the company, the new iPhone app, which also allows video recording directly to the Web, is the first one-to-many live broadcasting application ever available in the App store (note: Pointy Heads Software recently launched an iPhone app called Knocking Live Video app--see the article published on, December 2nd--that allows live one-to-one streaming between iPhones). It is billed by the company as "bringing the ability to broadcast live to anyone."

The new Ustream Live Broadcaster iPhone app, which is supported by advertising and offered free of charge and which, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times, works (albeit slowly) on the iPhone 3G handset as well as on the new iPhone 3GS (note: it brings recording functionality to the iPhone 3G--a feature previously available only on the 3GS), supports live streaming over both WiFi and 3G, and allows users to notify their Twitter communities automatically when they start broadcasting, share recorded videos via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and, share their GPS location, and interact with their viewers using Ustream chat and polling/voting, or Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and AIM (through Ustream's Social Stream service).

In related news: In a posting on its corporate blog, Wednesday, live mobile video specialist, Qik, announced that it has submitted a version of its application for App Store approval. Like Ustream, the company has previously launched an iPhone app for capturing and sharing video.

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