Live Streaming Interactive Reality Show Centers on Development of New iPhone App

Italian software company, Command Guru, recently produced an interactive, live streaming, fly-on-the-wall reality TV show, centering on the efforts of an international team of 10 developers, led by Cocoa guru, Aaron Hillegass (author of "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X"), to develop a free, open source, social networking iPhone application in seven days ("from start-to-publish on the App Store").

The show--entitled simply "iPhone Reality Show," powered by Ooyala's broadband video platform, and broadcast live on Command Guru's Web site from a location near Venice, Italy from December 6th through 12th--encouraged viewers to interact with the developer team via Twitter, and also provided a special public SVN server so that any developer who was watching could download the new app's source code and suggest improvements. Command Guru encouraged viewership of the show by giving away three iPhones and other prizes to viewers. "There are over 100,000 apps and millions of users who do not have any idea of how they are developed," Command Guru founder and CEO, Alessio Zito Rossi, said in a prepared statement. "The stork doesn't deliver iPhone Apps! We will show the world how they are really born--live and streaming!"

The show apparently resulted in the successful development of a new iPhone app within its seven-day time constraint. Dubbed "Wikimeety," it now has a dedicated Web site at, which--in keeping with the app's interactive genesis--encourages visitors to vote on the site's design.

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