Sonic Solutions Partners with verve-media to Bring Interactive Video Commerce to Roxio CinemaNow

Sonic Solutions, the digital media company that last year acquired the pioneering broadband VOD service, CinemaNow (it subsequently added "Roxio" to the service's name in order to make its branding consistent with its other products), announced a deal last week to incorporate verve-media's interactive commerce functionality into the Roxio CinemaNow platform. According to the company, its partnership with verve-media will enable content owners and retailers to "explore new innovative revenue models" through interactive, contextual advertising; and will provide consumers with a "unique viewing experience" in which information on, or purchasing options for, products featured in, or related to, the content they are viewing will be dynamically available on request.

The companies plan to debut the Roxio CinemaNow-verve-media integration at CES 2010 in Last Vegas next month. "The Roxio CinemaNow entertainment platform was designed to not only enable studios, retailers and consumer electronics manufacturers to add value to product offerings, but also to form ongoing relationships with their customers," Sonic president and CEO, Dave Habiger, said in a prepared statement. "Our partnership with verve is another way we are enhancing the platform and creating a suite of possibilities for companies to merchandise and monetize digitally delivered entertainment in the rapidly evolving over-the-top video space."

According to verve-media, its technology is designed to address "the multi-billion dollar market of embedded brand messages including featured product placements and sponsored original content." The company claims that the technology allows all forms of video content to become highly interactive without disrupting the viewing experience, requiring a proprietary player, or requiring modification of source content. It says that its current initiatives include enhanced digital versions of movies and popular TV shows that offer "one-click purchase" of in-program or embedded product placements. "Given the tremendous reach and influence of the Roxio CinemaNow platform, our relationship with Sonic is a significant opportunity to showcase our technology," verve-media CEO, Thomas Frank, said in a prepared statement. "Roxio CinemaNow is helping to create a better consumer entertainment experience by making premium content instantly available on a broad range of home and mobile devices. I believe we will help do the same with elegant and targeted advertising that enhances the overall viewing experience in collaboration with select content and retail partners."

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