Verizon FiOS TV Launches Interactive TV Caller ID Application

--Rolls Out New Interactive TV Services in New Jersey, Delaware, Philadelphia

Verizon announced last week that it has launched a Caller ID on TV application on its FiOS TV platform (note: the company comes relatively late to the caller ID on TV game: other pay-TV operators that offer such applications include AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Cox, DirecTV, DISH Network, Rogers and Time Warner Cable). The service, which is initially available to FiOS TV subscribers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Texas, is offered at no extra charge. It presents subscribers with information on incoming calls that appears for several seconds in the corner of their TV screen: subscribers can then decide whether they want to pause the program they are watching and answer the call, or continue watching TV and let the call go to their voicemail.

In order to access the new service, FiOS TV subscribers must also subscribe to a FiOS voice service, Verizon says, and in some cases must additionally subscribe to the company's FiOS Internet service. FiOS TV subscribers in the three states in which the service has launched can determine whether the service is available to them by checking the "Settings" category on the main menu of the FiOS TV Interactive Media Guide, and then clicking on "Caller ID." Subscribers can also use the interactive Media Guide to set how long they want the caller ID alert to appear on their TV screen and to specify where it appears on the screen.

In other Verizon news: The company says that it has now rolled out in New Jersey, Delaware and Greater Philadelphia the new FiOS TV interactive TV services and navigational shortcuts that were profiled in an article published on December 2nd. The services were previously launched in California, Texas, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island.

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